Sunday, June 02, 2013

Preparing for my first talk on "Jumpstarting your Developer KB" at VMware

One would think that having spent a considerable amount of time on presentations at CodeChix events as well as at conferences, that one would be able to get more efficient at producing presentations.

Unfortunately, in my case, that definitely seems to be rather slow.  I've been working on the slides for this presentation for several days now and finally got done with them today.  The presentation is on Tuesday.

I'll be talking about the CodeChix mission to educate, promote and mentor female engineers and developers.  Our workshops, technical talks and hacking sessions will provide a way for busy engineers to refresh their skills and catch up with the rapidly changing landscape in languages, tools, frameworks and domain-specific knowledge.

Last weekend, the hacking session was great.  Even with the last minute call, Julie and I made pretty good progress on our RaspberryPi's.  I think I need to order some more kits.