Saturday, August 18, 2018

We are hiring !!! Woohoo !!

Hallelujah !

After almost 9 years of slaving on CodeChix at night/weekends, changing directions, board members, venues, execution plans etc. etc., I am finally at a point where I can ACTUALLY hire someone to help me!

So, we have an opening for a Chief of Staff for CodeChix which is a unique position involving a high degree of project and program management skills as well as a deep interest and knowledge of the landscape of women engineers in industry.  Ideally, it would be tremendous if I could find a former woman engineer who left the industry with formidable project/program management skills.

Here's the JD:

The preference is to have someone who lives close to the Bay area so that we can meet F2F when needed but remote is also OK.

I'm truly looking forward to being able to start scaling CodeChix to get to the level I would like to.  Baby steps :) and fingers crossed we will find someone fantastic soon!

Thanks to all our awesome supporters and volunteers who have made this day a reality after so many years.