Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Working on my Rpi project.... again...

So, I'm back on my Rpi project, working on capturing a video recording of who's at my front door and sending myself an alert on my cell phone with a link to the video of who's standing there.   I sort of got this to work (not end-to-end, but, the essential bits) last week.   This is similar to the project I presented at PyCon USA, with the additional video feature.

And then I felt great and got *ambitious*.  Hah.  So, I went through all the video encoders that I could find that would run on the Rpi - ffserver/ffmpeg, avconv/avserver, motion and got nowhere.  Just couldn't get things to work - ffmpeg comes back as "unsupported - use avconv".  avconv is a pain to setup and had issues with my cheapo webcam.   Motion - configuring it was taking a lot of time and that is something I have in *very* short supply nowadays.

So, I tried mjpg-streamer which I came across and got that to work.  I can now get a nice live stream on my Rpi and it looks great.  But, I need this to be on a public server so I can have a decent demo at a talk.

So, I've been looking through reams of C code trying to determine what I can tweak/hack to get it to stream to a public site.  And got nowhere.

Then I took a break - went and hung out with some cool geeky types and listened to a talk on Python validations for converting PDF files to HTML5 and chatted with new folks, made an announcement about CodeChix and that our Tech Talks and Workshops are open to all etc.

On the drive home, I just figured out a way to do what I wanted to do.... now I have to write some code and do a bunch of testing.  And if it works, then I can start stressing about presenting it  - which is far more stressful than the entire project.