Friday, March 08, 2019

On this International Women's Day - 2019 !!! The year of massive change and traction...

International Women's Day @ CodeChix this year !!!

We are heads-down on all fronts, gearing up for DevPulseCon 2019 and anticipating a fantastic crowd of women engineers and technical PM's from all industries to listen, network, talk and learn at our educational conference.

Our founder has quit her full-time job and is dedicated to CodeChix full time to build it to the next level !!  

If you want to help, ping her directly.

On this day, we, at CodeChix, pledge to continue our grassroots work (which we started in 2009 before the "women in tech" or "diversity" movement took off) retaining fantastic women engineers, developers, scientists and mathematicians and technical PM's who were forced to leave the technical ladder because they didn't have the support and environment they needed to be successful.

We have been "encouraged" to "become like other organizations" and focus on pure marketing and recruiting efforts to address the legal needs of tech companies with respect to "Diversity and Inclusion" through recruiting.

Screw that.

We chart our own path as we always have.

We are about EDUCATION and GROWTH.

The rest will follow automatically.

We aim to bring the *TECHNICAL* in the "technical women" to the table in a way that will empower engineering leaders to build high-quality diverse teams.

We also aim to *STRENGTHEN* technical men and women leaders so they can stand up to "bias" (covert discrimination) which is rampant in the industry, particularly, in the technical and engineering ladders.

How will we do this?  Well, you'll just have to wait and see :)...

So, to all the
  • women engineers, developers, technical PM's working in the industry and 
  • those that are aspiring women engineers, developers, technical PM's hoping to make their mark as they enter the industry, 
do not think that you are alone.

We are here and we are dedicated to building your support system and providing you with the means to succeed.  You have to work hard but you already know that.

And, the rewards will come. We want to help you get them as you show your quality and your track record.

Join us as we launch into a year of great and exciting change !

And, as always,

May the code be with you !!