Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good grief....

It's been insane the last two weeks....

  1. Had 2 PiDoorbell presentations (Twitter, Usenix) and a presentation at work on some tool evaluation stuff as well as some design stuff which required testing out a bunch of different things and discovering inconsistencies.
  2. Impromptu train trip to Seattle and back over the weekend (birthday surprise) during which time I discovered that my drivers license was missing and was worried sick that I couldn't fly back home on Sunday night.  Contractors were scheduled to come on Monday, Tuesday to re-route water heater etc.
  3. A customer issue needed to be dug into and I spent too much time hunting for information and then when I got some of it, my auto-deploy setup died - network adapters on a private/public LAN just wouldn't give me a public IPv4 address and so I wasted too much time on that.  Anyway, finally got a debug build that I could send to the customer - should tide them over till I get back from Australia.
  4. Got pinged by someone whom I had been hoping to hear back from on regarding my BOD - I'm so excited that she is interested and can't wait to chat with her about CodeChix.
  5. Water heater re-route went ok and then the plumber stole some new plumbing equipment that was in my garage.  I recovered some of them and, after complaining to the company, was told they will compensate me for the remaining item.  Like I need more stress with that.
  6. Mold contractors couldn't start work this week as scheduled so had to coordinate with them to see about getting them to do demo, decon and recon once I'm back.
It's 105 degrees (F) outside and I'm thanking my lucky stars for air conditioning.  

I still need to work on my slides and my presentation.  But first, gotta figure out all the gadgets to take on the long flight and then download loads of stuff.