Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brain buzz....

Just got back from a talk by Vivek Wadhwa on a glimpse into the future of technology and innovation. The rapid pace of innovations in hardware, software, mechanical, bio-medical that could potentially transform society and the world as we know it, is a bit difficult to truly grasp (ye ole noggin...).

But, I could see that some of the things he mentioned, such as the PWSS (Plasma Water Sanitation System), Genomic medicine and the potential of the next generation of solar to reach parity with the existing grid wrt cost and reliability, could revolutionize the way we live and interact.

When the basics change, drastic change ensues to the layers that depend on the basics.

On another note, thanks to Vivek, I am now the proud owner of my first Android tablet which costs $60 and has a phone.

It's currently charging, but, once it's up, I'll put it through it's paces.  The basic version, w/o the phone costs $38 and can be ordered from Datawind.   Compared to $75 for the Intel Galileo, this is manna from heaven.

I think I'll show this at ShesGeeky this weekend and I'm sure that more women developers and engineers will be able to afford a smart-tablet-phone at this price point.

And, hey, maybe in my copious free time when I'm not tied up with 2.5 full-time jobs, I'll write an Android app !