Thursday, March 20, 2014

For PyCon 2014 attendees for the PiDoorbell Tutorial

I had emailed a welcome message to all the attendees via the PyCon tutorial site and after pinging a couple of people, realized that nobody received the email!  

So, I've alerted the PyCon tutorial organizers (Thanks Stuart, Ruben!)  about this and while they investigate this bug, I'm writing a blog post to let our attendees know about hardware and software prep for our tutorial.

Hello PiDoorbell tutorial attendees !!

We are thrilled to have you in our hands-on workshop and are busy prepping all the hardware kits that we will hand out to you in the class.

Please note, we will be holding "office hours" on Tuesday evening (Apr. 8) in case you need help with set up or have questions.  We don't know the room but will announce when we do.

Please remember to do the following preparatory work before you arrive:

1. Bring your RaspberryPi and the power cord.  We will provide SD cards with static IP.
2. If you have an Logitech c310 or c270 USB webcam, please bring it.  Bring any other USB webcam you might have - if we have time, we can try to help you get it up and running
3. Wifi will probably be atrocious, so, we are preparing USB sticks with all the code, handout and anything else you might need.
4. Please bring an ethernet cable to connect your RaspberryPi to your laptop directly.  We are configuring it for static IP - once again, to mitigate wifi issues at the conference.   Rupa has nightmares about bad wifi.
5. If you are going to be using a windows laptop, please let us know.  We will try to accommodate you.  We are usually used to *nix or Mac OS.
6. If you have a smartphone, feel free to bring it.  In the optimistic hope that the wifi will be adequate, we would love to try an end-to-end test.

The tutorial will be hands-on and you will be wiring up a breadboard and connecting to the RaspberryPi GPIO pins.  We are expecting the classroom to have adequate power supply for all attendees.  We will provide a hardware kit to each attendee at the beginning of the class with the sensor, breadboard, jumper wires, resistors, SD card, wifi dongle and serial TTY cable.

We are really looking forward to meeting all of you and having a great workshop.  

Stay tuned for more updates  and feel free to ping us if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions or just want to say Hi :).

May the code be with you !