Saturday, March 01, 2014

PyCon hardware is finally at hand :)

Finally, after months of emailing back/forth, changing headcount, funding needs, price variations and not being able to find the requisite number of sonar sensors in the US, I finally have all the hardware that we need for the PyCon tutorial in April !

20 units of wi-fi dongles, sonar sensors (from Hong Kong), breadboards, jumper wires, SD cards, serial tty cables.

The not-so-good news being that my fever and pharynx are now battling for higher priority and all I can do is wait for the antibodies to kick into high gear and get me well.  Codeine sure helps :).  So, time to rest, sleep, lots of chicken soup and hope to be a lot better by next week so I can catch up on work, catch up on CodeChix stuff and have enough content for PiDoorbell to ramp up my teaching assistants in March.