Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ping from Puerto Rico

So, Felix J. Di Cristina-Rivera's (yes that is his full name) wife attended my talk at Usenix and asked if he could follow up with me on some issues he's having with his Rpi.

And, so, I got an email from Felix a day or so ago with a description of the problem (Atrix laptop setup etc) and sent him back some suggestions to try.

After my last talk at PyCon US, I got pinged from places as far away as Brazil.   And this time, it's Puerto Rico.

I'm so thrilled to see that electronics and, particularly, the Rpi is changing the education landscape around the world and providing opportunities for regular folk to learn, build and contribute.  And, most importantly, form connections globally.

Gotta play with the Beaglebone Black once I free up a little (hah - famous last words...)