Monday, September 15, 2014


This year, so far, has been a crazy, busy, and mostly, very difficult year for me.   Between work (for which I get paid), CodeChix work (for which I don't get paid and, often, have to pay from my pocket), personal life (great upheavals) and getting hit with pneumonia in the first quarter (dragging into the second quarter), it has been "interesting".

But, I'm still alive and kicking (relatively weakly at present) - and recovering slowly.

I even managed to submit a proposal to PyCon 2015 last weekend.  Yay.

A critical juncture approaches later this year and I hope that things will fall into place and provide some much-needed sustenance and support.

And until then, I will keep doing what I can to find the most sustainable path forward for me as well as my endeavors.

I am so grateful and thankful for all those rare individuals that suddenly appear unexpectedly to show me that I am not alone and that they too want these endeavors to succeed.

Thank you for being there, behind the scenes, emanating goodwill.