Tuesday, September 23, 2014

VMware picks up my PiDoorbell GHC acceptance to showcase me

Well,  PiDoorbell got accepted at GHC this year and I'll be presenting there in a couple of weeks.

Since VMware is a big sponsor this year, I got showcased for my talk and to help with recruiting/inspiring women engineers.


This is the third year in a row that I got accepted to Grace Hopper and will be speaking.  In 2012, I did my first major talk (350+ women) with Chiu-ki Chan and Christina Shulman on "Letters to my Younger Self" and was the producer/director of our famous skits on stage on Negotiating salary :).  In 2013, I went to GHC India to teach a workshop on the RaspberryPi called "Getting your Hands Dirty with the RaspberryPi) and this year, it's PiDoorbell.

This talk will be a 20 min version instead of the usual 45 min.  I do plan to do a live demo but it will depend on how I can squeeze it into a 20 min format because of setup/teardown etc.