Saturday, October 17, 2015

My dream coming true... fingers crossed

A dream and a hope that I had 4 years ago is finally coming to fruition - all due to the gumption and hard work of a handful of volunteers who all decided at the end of July that they would really like to make my dream come true.

And that they really didn't have any truly technical conferences for women to go to.  
We had gathered for a volunteer appreciation lunch and 5 of us decided that this would be worth it for all of us - Anne, Sushma, Deepa, Blythe and myself.  

Blythe signed up to be the conference chair and I signed up to be her mentor/guide/instructor and whatever else was needed.  And we formed the conference committee, recruited Val and Whitney for the website and graphics and we were on our way. 

That was 2 months ago. 

And so, on the heels of the Grace Hopper Conference this year, we, at CodeChix, are one week away from our first technical conference - Coder[xx] - Unleash the engineer within you.  To be held at the illustrious Computer History Museum in Mt. View on October 25.  

Coder[xx] is pronounced "Coders" and the double-x stands for the double-x chromosome.

And we are almost sold out.  Thanks to PayPal and Deepa Dhurka for getting us some funding but we are pretty much running this conference on ticket sales.

I had instructed Whitney to create a logo with the Andromeda Galaxy (I like stars/space) and with the slogan "Unleash the Engineer within you" and she, once again, created an amazing logo and banner.  And it sports our well known VT100-inspired color-scheme of black and green which I had originated in 2010.

And none other than the pioneering Mary Lou Jepsen is our keynote speaker !  I am so happy and grateful to her for accepting my request.

If you are a woman engineer who is serious about her career, you should come to this conference.  And if you have a daughter, bring her !  I feel that both daughters and sons need to see their mothers in their element - being fantastic engineers and being serious about their professions.  That is why, I created the "Mother & Daughter" ticket - for all the awesome mothers who need to show their daughters (we'll open it up to sons next year) how great they are.

This is the banner Whitney created per my specifications: