Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wow - someone actually remembered my talk from GHC 2012 !

I attended a Systers/GHC meetup this evening at Google and was blown away when a young girl walked up to me and said: "Rupa, I wanted to say Hi again.  I met you in 2012 in Baltimore at GHC and still remember your talk on Negotiation!  It was so memorable."

Good grief - I was quite flattered (naturally) and mumbled some sort of thanks (don't quite remember what I said).  Never would I have imagined that anyone would remember the presentation from two years ago!

She remembered the 3 skits on Negotiation where I (along with Christina Schulman) portrayed:

(1) A negotiation where I didn't ask for anything.  (Not good)
(2) Where I asked for a little bit and got a little bit.  (OK)
(3) Where I asked for a big increase in my salary, stock etc. and got it.  I then asked for a pony and got turned down :).  (Good)

I know there's a video of this floating around somewhere - need to find it and reminisce.

I remember that Chiu-ki, Christina and I had some really potent drinks after our presentation and were pretty much toast for the rest of that day.  Didn't help that we had slept the previous night since we were all so nervous/anxious.

Good ol' days.  Looking forward to seeing Christina at GHC again this year and recalling our first major presentation over a nice glass of wine in sunny Phoenix - it was a first for both of us.