Sunday, June 30, 2013

One more down, several more to go

Woke up this morning with a start and the awful realization that my project won't work in Australia !!!


So, spent most of the morning implementing a secondary solution that should work there.  Tested it and it looks like it'll work.

Gotta update slides again - have I mentioned how much I dislike slide presentations?  A necessary evil.

It's about 100 degrees outside at this time and looks like it's going to hit 110 today.  Phew.  Even with A/C running constantly, it's about 80 inside.

Chris Neugeberger tweeted to say that Aussie/Tassie TSA equivalent is more down-to-earth than the USA's super-hyped, trigger-happy counterparts.

Downloaded movies and tv shows to my tablet for the flight.  And bought a bag of Kerala banana chips to eat if I feel too indian-food-starved.

I wonder if there's a good Indian restaurant somewhere in Hobart.  I've become so used to eating Indian food every few days in the bay area.

Gotta charge up my power bank - thanks VMware - finally something I can use.